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Are you looking for a used Subaru engine for your car? Car Part Headquarters, LLC is the perfect solution for your car’s needs. Being one of the largest suppliers of used engines across the USA, we offer excellent quality used engines for sale of all make, model, and year car, be it diesel or gasoline, foreign or domestic.

Replacing your old Subaru engine with a low-mileage used Subaru engine is convenient & money-saving with us. With access to 2000+ inventory yards across the USA, the possibility of finding the exact match is higher with us. Moreover, you can benefit from our exclusive warranty of up to 5 years along with FREE shipping across the USA. To buy a Subaru used engine, connect to Car Part Headquarters, LLC today.


Used Subaru Engines

Subaru is the twenty-first largest automaker by production worldwide, a division of a Japanese automobile manufacturing company. The company is known for its use of a boxer engine layout in most vehicles. Subaru also introduced turbocharged versions of their passenger cars, such as the Outback XT, Legacy, WRX, Ascent, Forester XT, and more.

Subaru being a popular car brand has delivered its efficiency and high performance for years. But this doesn’t spare it from its engine’s timely/untimely breakage. In such instances, you are left with two choices.

Either purchase a brand-new engine for your car which will cost you a fortune or buy a used engine that will be cost-efficient for your car and your pocket as well.

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Finding used Subaru engines for sale is simple with us. You’re requested to provide a few details of your vehicle while finding the replacement engine. Your little cooperation will help us find the right match for your Subaru and save time in research. The moment we receive info from your end, our expert team reply to you with free quotes & guide you in selecting the right engine for your Subaru vehicle. What we need is given below-

We all agree that replacing an automobile part becomes profitable only when the specified job is completed within the expected expenditure. Car Part Headquarters, LLC has a large array of used engines and transmissions for various brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Chevy, Jeep, Porsche, Dodge, Lexus, and more. Hence, you can trust us and allow us to serve you with our best-quality engines & services.



At Car Part Headquarters, LLC you can conjointly procure a used Saturn engine, used Saab engine, used Toyota engine, used Nissan engine, used Chrysler engine, and more apart from a used Subaru engine.

You just need to inform us about your needs. Our professionals will respond to your query quickly. Our customer-centric approach helps us to serve you with maximum satisfaction. We also promise to deliver the best quality used engines for your vehicle at budget-friendly cost with a warranty all over the United States. So, call us for your needs and allow us to help you get a superior quality engine for your Subaru vehicle.

Besides, we keep transparency in our return/refund policy. So, purchase an engine freely from us, and in case of any return/refund, get the engine replaced within 30 days of your purchase.


Used Subaru Engine Size

We are associated with 2000+ inventory yards and our trained professionals help us to deliver all the sizes, makes & models of used Subaru engines to 48 continental states of the United States. We ship engines within 3-5 working days with free shipping and an excellent warranty of up to 5 years.

If you’re confused about which engine size will fit your Subaru car, just give us a call. Our skilled professionals will help us to know which size engine will easily fit your vehicle type. For more queries, fill out the online Free quotation form. Our inventory has used Subaru engines for sale for the given below sizes:


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