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Your Mitsubishi deserves the best under the hood. So, when the time comes to buy an engine replacement, consider used Mitsubishi engines. That way, you could solve all your car engine troubles without diving deep into your savings.

Now you may hesitate about buying a used Mitsubishi engine at first but what if—you could be sure of the quality of the engine you’re buying?

It gives us immense pleasure to reveal that we only stock high-quality used engines that don’t show any red flags in our inventory. 

You can also check out what our customers say about buying a used Mitsubishi engine from us and clear all your doubts. 

If you like affordable, accessible, and quality-assured used engines, we’re all for you!

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Mitsubishi Engine

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (Mitsubishi Motors) develops, designs, manufactures, assembles, and sells passenger and light passenger cars, light vehicles, SUVs, vans, trucks, and auto parts.

Mitsubishi Corporation’s service portfolio includes leasing, vehicle sales finance, and vehicle damage insurance. It also deals in the buying and selling of used engines and other vehicle parts, spare parts and accessories.

However, a new Mitsubishi comes at a pretty price.

So, if you want a used Mitsubishi engine with a warranty, get in touch with our team. We’ll provide you with the price you want and the convenience you deserve.

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3 Things to Get Started

Buy a Used mitsubishi Engine Easily

To start the process of buying a used Mitsubishi engine, you need to keep some information about your vehicle handy.

Here’s what you need to fill up the form. Once we receive all the information we need, our team will respond to you with free quotes. 

We know a used engine should meet all your requirements to benefit you. That’s why, our team works extensively and finds you the best possible solution to your trouble.

Besides Mitsubishi, we also have brands like Mercedes, Audi, Honda, Chevy, Ford, etc. to serve you the best.


Buying from Car Part Headquarters

Apart from used Mitsubishi engines, we also have used transmissions across brands like Porsche, Ford, Mini Cooper etc.

Car Part Headquarters, LLC also nourishes its customers with the replacement of the used engine or transmission if it isn’t working properly. Refunds are initiated only when the replacement of the engine/transmission is not available. So as per our refund/return policy, you can get the engine replaced within 30 days of your purchase.


Used Mitsubishi Engine Size

The size of an engine basically means the capacity its pistons have to push through air and fuel, across all of its cylinders, also known as displacement. Generally, the bigger the engine, the more fuel and air it can push through, so the more power you get – although turbochargers also have a say in this. These days, basically all Mitsubishi cars have turbo Engines.

Turbocharger gives more power to your engine, that is, a smaller engine with a turbocharger can be more powerful than a larger one without. This is a major consideration to keep in mind when you’re deciding between engine sizes, especially if you’re looking for a car with some oomph. Our inventory has used Mitsubishi motor for sale for given below sizes:


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