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Car Part Headquarters, LLC is a digital platform established to quench your query of the “best place to buy used engines” near me with its Remarkable service experience. Our inventory is stocked with best quality low mileage used engines, all approved by ASE-certified professionals. With an expanded link to 2000+ inventory yards across the USA, we are Ready to deliver domestic/imported brands such as Chevrolet, BMW, Dodge, GMC, Toyota, Audi, Ford, and Porsche, including all Diesel, Gasoline, and Electric engines for every make, model, year.

We at Car Part Headquarters, LLC are aware of the constrained options you are left with when your engine deteriorates or stops working. Either you will scrap out your vehicle, or you will replace the engine. Scraping a vehicle is the last option to go for, and buying a new engine for replacement would cost you a huge amount. What if we tell you that you can bring back your wheels on the road without hurting your BUDGET…? Yes, you heard it right! With a diverse collection of High-Quality, low mileage ASE-certified used engines, you get the opportunity to revive your car, truck, SUV, or van without bothering your Pocket.

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How Car Part Headquarters

Is the Perfect Answer to “used engine for sale near me”?


We are one of the most distinct hubs for buying used engines online. Our diverse range of used engines for sale is stretched from every Domestic model to Imported ones, from Gasoline to diesel. With an expansion of 2000+ inventory yards across the USA, we have stocked every make, model, and year-used engine. What we offer is a customization of your need with our resources that results in Guaranteed satisfaction.


Our work vouches for our Credibility!! The enthusiastic team of Car Part Headquarters, LLC has never left any stone unturned in making our customers’ experience EXCEPTIONAL. Every single used engine goes through a quality assessment by a team of ASE-certified mechanics. If the ordered engine doesn’t live up to your expectations from the bargain, we additionally give you a 12-month return and replacement warranty.


Car Part Headquarters, LLC has never shied away from going above and beyond for our clients. We offer an exclusive warranty policy of up to 3 years on our products to provide you an assurance of our AUTHENTICITY. We have tailored a Warranty plan based on the requirements of our customers to offer a straightforward procedure for handling any issues and complaints following a purchase.


We have purposefully priced our high-quality used engines to take into account the financial element. Our endeavor is to make your purchase as convenient and economical as it could be. You don’t have to think twice before placing the order as the UNCOMPROMISED quality product with such an IRRESISTABLE price is a RARE combination.


Car Part Headquarters, LLC thrives upon cultivating long-lasting relationships of trust with our customers. Don’t burden yourself with any query or the slightest hint of doubt, we are here just for YOU. We work with customers and prospects openly, honestly, and sincerely.


We at Car Part Headquarters, LLC have specially crafted 12-month return and replacement warranties to take care of any mis happening. We have a dedicated team to look after such matters and provide resolution ASAP.

Our words are backed by our sincere effort to give you Exceptional service satisfaction. To strengthen our authenticity, we have reviews on Google, and Trustpilot by our valuable customers. Just dial 830-999-7278 or fill in the form on our website and you will get your used engine within the comfort of your place


What To Look For While Buying Used Engines?

If you’re thinking what to look for when buying used certified engines, then our team is here to help. Our technicians are eager to help you to save your money on vehicles. When purchasing a used engine, there are some questions that you must ask to receive a quality part:

At our Car Part Headquarters, LLC, we offer a huge inventory of used motors for sale in the USA at affordable prices. All of our parts have been carefully inspected for leaks and other tests prior to sale and we also provide Lifetime Warranty Support and free shipping on all our parts. Our team will make sure that the used motor you will purchase is compatible with your vehicle.


Guaranteed Test Before Selling Used Engines

At Car Part Headquarters, LLC we have an extensive inventory of engines with warranties that are carefully inspected & checked by our team of technical experts. Before shipping a used engine to your address, our team will perform a variety of checks, including:

All of the used motors come with warranty support. We offer free shipping to both residential & business addresses all over the USA.


You will receive a complete engine assembly that consists of the block, head, piston, camshaft, crankshaft, and other internal components. All parts, change-over accessories, and wear-and-tear items are sometimes left on the engine for your convenience, but we won’t charge you for them and they won’t be warrantied.

Car Part Headquarters, LLC has stocked only verified and tested used engines that has passed through all the quality assessments by ASE certified experts. The life span of a used engine is dependent upon its maintenance too. With a timely care, used engine can serve you more than you might have expected.

You can search your part on our website and place the order. For any questions related to the purchase, you can call us at 1-830-999-7278. We accept all major credit cards such as VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card, Zelle Transfer, ACH as well as cashier's checks and money orders by mail. Please keep in mind that cashier's checks and money orders take longer to obtain and that after we receive the cashier's check or money order, we will contact you to verify your order and ship it out as per our delivery commitment.

All orders placed with Car Part Headquarters, LLC comes with 12-month return and replacement warranty. Car Part Headquarters, LLC will bear all shipping costs for warranty certified returns in the exact amounts. Please refer to our Returns and Refund page for more details.


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