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Looking for a Ford used engine for your car, look no further…. Car Part Headquarters, LLC is the right choice for all kinds of Used Ford Engines. Being one of the largest suppliers of used engines across the USA, we offer superior quality used engines for sale of every make, model, and year car, be it diesel or gasoline, foreign or domestic. Replacing your old Ford engine with a low mileage used Ford engine is convenient for us. With access to 2000+ inventory yards across the USA, the possibility of finding the exact match is higher with us. Moreover, you can benefit from our exclusive Lifetime Warranty Support along with FREE shipping across the USA.


Ford Engines

Over the centuries Ford has become one of the most familiar and popular automotive companies around the globe. Ford has had a significant impact on the automotive industry since it started rolling out cars 110 years ago. Ford is one of the oldest manufacturers and has an ancient legacy. Additionally, Ford has gained huge acceptance in the United States auto market.

Ford being a popular car brand, has delivered its efficiency and high performance for years. But this doesn’t spare it from the timely/untimely breakage of its engine. In such instances, you are left with two choices.

Either purchase a brand-new engine for your car which will cost you a fortune or buy a used engine that will be efficient for your car and for your pocket as well.

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Used Ford Engine

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We make the purchase experience of a used Ford engine very comfortable & convenient. We need a few details, and our team will get back to you with a FREE quote along with a perfect match for your car or truck. Once we receive the details, we promptly start working on your order.

We are aware that engine replacement will be fruitful for you if it enhances the longevity of your vehicle within the realm of your budget. Having a wide range of used engines for different models like Audi, BMW, Chevy, Ford, Honda, Dodge, Mercedes, Porsche, etc, we are well prepared to provide you with the utmost satisfaction with your purchase. We are pleased to assist you!


Buying from Car Part Headquarters

Apart from providing high-quality used engines & transmissions, we also offer an extensive warranty on our products. You will receive a free replacement if your product shows some technical issues and comes under the warranty period & its terms. We aim to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers by offering excellent quality, great performance, and satisfactory service to them. We extensively provide used engines of all makes & models covering but not limited to Mercedes used engines, BMW used engines, GMC used engines, Hyundai Used engines, and many more. Our goal is to bring back your wheels rolling on roads ASAP.


Used Ford Engine Size

Engine size affects the performance of an engine. A bigger engine is able to contain more fuel and air which helps the piston to push more. It means your vehicle will perform at a better speed with better pickup. Ford has made 4 basic types of engines for their cars. There are variances in between, as well as differences in design, even though most people just say there are big blocks and small blocks engines they have.

At Car Part Headquarters, we have all the Ford engine sizes available with us. Either it’s a common V8s or any other model or year you are looking for. You will get the motor size for your Ford whichever you want. Choose the motor size wisely which fits your car. Our inventory has used Ford Motor for sale for the given sizes:1.0-1.2 liters


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